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The Importance of Learning Dog First Aid Skills by Lynne Waknell

Allwinds Graduate

"As a dog owner, we have seen our pets through many conditions and accidents throughout the years.

Learning First Aid specfic to our pets is, for me, an absolute must.

One of our dogs suffered from epilepsy and so managing her safety during a seizure was so important for all the family. On one occasion, she began fitting in our hallway and caught her paw on the radiator, pulling off a nail and causing it to bleed profusely. Having the skills to manage the seizure and bandage her paw effectively was paramont.

Learning Dog First Aid with Allwinds has given me the confidence to feel that I can keep my dogs safe and manage their health needs until veterinary professional help can be given. Practising techniques on a dummy, whilst allowing you to make mistakes and learn from them , gives you the knowledge and confidence required in an emergency situation; something we all hope never to need!

I cannot recommend Allwinds enough, as both my daughter and I found Amanda to be extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and professional whilst also injecting humour (and offering delicious nibbles) to make the course enjoyable"


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