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The great weather has arrived and with it comes the British tradition of firing up the BBQ

Cooking outside on a BBQ is a fantastic way to spend time with family , friends and of course, our canine friends. However, this summer time activity can involve some hazards and food temptations for dogs which aren’t always canine friendly.


  • BBQs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from large monsters of machines in our back gardens to small disposables on the beach.

  • Whether you are intending to have a gathering in your garden or out and about , your dog will need to be kept away from the BBQ at all times. Even the smallest BBQ can become extremely hot and still maintain the heat for sometime after cooking has finished.

  • Tempting cooking smells may encourage your dog to investigate a little too closely and can either end up getting burnt or knocking something over causing a fire hazard. Remember to keep flammable substances and fire lighting items out of reach of children as well as dogs.

  • Despite the pleading looks on your dogs face ( yes, they are all very good at it) resist the temptation to feed food scraps or leftovers. Encourage family and guests to do the same.

  • As well as any leftover food or rubbish, try and clear away items used to prepare or serve food. Vets often see dogs which have managed to swallow tin foil, various food wrappings and even skewers!

  • Keep certain foods well out of reach such as, garlic, onions, chocolate and alcohol. These are all toxic to dogs. Even a small innocent piece of sausage can cause a tummy upset.

  • Cooked poultry bones can splinter if eaten and can cause serious injuries and obstruction to your dogs digestive system.

You may need to remind guests not to allow your dog to escape from your property. Keep main doors and garden gates shut. Putting up signs as a reminder might be a good idea.

Finally, with a BBQ in full swing there is likely to be more noise and activity in and around the house than normal. Ensure there is a quiet area of the house that your dog can retreat to with plenty of water and possibly a toy or two!


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