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Amazing work by amazing people...

At Allwinds HQ we decided not to highlight a breed this time but to highlight the great work rescue centres and animal charities do to re home all the dogs in their care.

As much as we are seen as a nation of dog lovers, it is a harsh fact that dogs today are also seen as ‘disposable’.  Rescue centres up and down the country are contacted on a daily basis with people wanting to rehome their dogs for a variety of reasons. Some are just left or abandoned. This leaves the centres facing a uphill struggle to cope not only with the number of dogs they are taking in but also the financial burden too. They work tirelessly to try and find that forever home.

Dogs which find themselves at the centres come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, quiet and the not so quiet! Many have never experienced life in a loving home but all have this incredible ability to give so much love despite their past life.

If you are thinking of sharing your home with a dog, think about visiting your local re homing centre. That perfect canine friend might just be waiting for you! If you aren’t in a position to take on a dog, why not make a donation? However big or small, it will all help with the cost of looking after dogs while in care.   

Thank you


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