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Without a doubt the Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet! Notably, it has been ranked No1 out of 79 other breeds.

For many generations the Border Collie has worked with shepherds here in the UK and all over the world. This breed time and time again is admired for its huge work ethic but it can make a superb companion although they are probably more suited to a family who leads an active life style and can give this breed the exercise and stimulation it craves.

The Border Collie is arguably the best herding breed in the world. They are energetic and love to ‘be given a job’, this may include herding humans! They are tireless and can move with speed and stealth. They are always on alert and ready to obey any command. They are fiercely loyal.

As this breed is easy to train, they are commonly used for police work, narcotics and bomb detection, search and rescue as well as guide dogs for the blind.

Anyone considering buying a Border Collie should think about its suitability for the whole family. Also think carefully about who you are buying it from. Always ask to see relevant paperwork, including lineage, vaccinations, worming and micro chipping.  

The Border Collie originates in the county of Northumberland on the Scottish Borders. Interestingly, all modern day Border Collies are direct descendents of a tri colour Border Collie called Old Hemp bred by a man called Adam Telfer. Old Hemp was born in September 1893 and died in May 1901.

The black and white colour is probably the most common colour but in fact there are 50 other colours and colour combinations.


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